About the app


Truckersky is the most fitted Trucking business app, build for drivers and Companies. Overview and plan ahead your next Stop with a workable data, easier like never before. With live Notifications by users TS provides better organized and safer driving. Advanced tools to stay tuned with your company, trucking environment and friends on an easy to operate interface for all devices.


About the app


  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android (phone, tablet)
  • Webbrowser

For drivers

Useful tools for your trip

  • Navigational assistance
    Search for fastest and less expensive route, view real time traffic information, see low clearance bridges and other points of interest.
  • Create live updates
    Police patrol, Traffic Jam, Accident or Defect
  • Truck Stops
    Available showers, pet friendly locations, restaurants associated, truck weight scales and more. Color coded icons updated by users will allow you to see parking status on the map.
  • Rest Areas
    Without exiting the highway you can stop, refresh and purchase a snack or drink from a vending machine.
  • Weight Stations
    See open or closed notification, live updated by all users.

For drivers

Useful tools for your trip

  • Motels with parking
    Search up nearest location along the route
  • Truck Washes
    Variety selection across the US
  • Cat Scale
    Check the weight to avoid overweight
  • Walmarts
    Shop, eat in selected locations and park overnight
  • Dealers
    Volvo, Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, International, Carrier and Thermo King
  • Repairs
    Service your truck at the nearest location from your defect

For drivers

Socialize and stay connected with your TS friends

  • Friends location
    Real time friend finder
  • Getting in touch
    Socialize and connect with your TS friends via Messenger, email or a phone call
  • Chronicle
    Post, share, comment and rate pictures

For companies

Trucking made easy

  • GPS
    Save time for phone calls and check all your drivers locations on one screen
  • Load Status
    Drivers will inform company if empty or loaded with easy to use function
  • Live updates
    In case of emergency drivers will send notification to company about accident, defect or any other issues
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    Do it thru Truckersky!
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For repair shops

  • Ads
    It is known fact that failure is an inseparable element of the driver’s work. Do you want to be one of those that they contact first? Show your place of business on the map!
  • No advantages
    We don’t take any advantages for your post. We give you access to our wide database of users that are close to your location everyday. Your business can be visible for them.
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The main features of


Designed to improve busy life of drivers by having all useful tools in one place

Map navigation

Pin point your exact location, show miles to destination and miles to your chosen stop, show exits, easy to read and navigate


Ability to see the location of your friends, connect and socialize, exchange pictures of your trip

Most important points

Save time by having all useful tools used by drivers in one place, convenience for companies by eliminating calls to drivers to find their location and status


Notify users of traffic jams, status of weight stations, parking availability, notify company of an accident or defect

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