Repair shops

Want to reach variety of clients? In case of a truck break down do you want to be the one that driver will contact? Show your business on Truckersky mobile application.

Our map reaches thousands of truck drivers! Each day our app helps drivers with their everyday routine. It is known fact that failure is an inseparable element of the driver’s work. Everyone deserves fast and knowledge mechanics near defect location. Do you want to be one of those that they contact first? Show your place of business on the map! Advertise your skills and experience with Truckersky.

Please email us at to request an advertisement. We will contact you within 24 hours to go over the details.

Thanks to our app your repair shop will reach wide variety of truck drivers. All Truckersky users will see your repair shop icon on the app and can contact you directly by calling, emailing or sending messages via the app.
In addition truck drivers will be able to see your mobile service vehicles on the map to reach clients faster than ever before. Please email us for pricing. In addition your repair shop will be added to our website under classifieds.
Try it out and post your ad with us!

How will your ad look like on our mobile application?

Repair Shop Icon

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With any questions regarding this process contact us at and we will gladly answer your concerns.

Welcome to Truckersky!